Renee Florin, Executive Director

Renee Florin, Executive Director 2012 –

My husband, Heinz, and I have been married for over 30 years.  We have 3 grown children; Karrie Ann, David & Michael, who we are very proud of, and 2 grandchildren, Grayson and Kalila.  We live in Leo with a dog (Cassie), and 2 of the funniest cats (Calvin & Hobbes) you have ever met.  Plus a new character we call “Shelty”, as he was recused from the basement of our old location on 7th Street.

Shelty the cat likes to sit on his butt and watch you work.

This is Shelty’s favorite way to sit and watch you work.

Shelty was abandoned by his mother as he had a bad leg. He weighed just a pound when we found him. He melted all our hearts, and has became somewhat of a mascot here at Shelter Ministries – representing how we’re all the broken in some way – but it doesn’t have to keep us down!  (He may be that streak of gray that zips past you dragging his leg behind!)

Cassie, the dog, is our companion, guardian, and door bell.

Cassie is our daily companion, guardian, and door bell.

I believe in the joy of laughter, the power of prayer, and the importance of having a strong christian community for support through those times in life when everything seems to be falling apart.  Sitting on my desk is the prayer…

“I am here only to be truly helpful.  I am here to represent Him who sent me …”

I recite this prayer when I first get to the office, and throughout the day, to remind me that we are one in Christ, and we need to work together to help all of humanity.  As I walk my Shelter Ministries journey I welcome you to walk with me, and keep me company.  I encourage your prayers, and hope that you will let me learn from you.  Together, with God leading us, we can build a strong Christian Community in DeKalb County.

Blessings~ Renee